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JP-S5155109-A: Ekijonichikaichonanjakujibanno kairyohoho patent, JP-S5155475-A: Kaapetsutono seizohoho patent, JP-S5155514-A: Dendoshayoseigyokino hoankairo patent, JP-S5155672-A: Handotaisochino seizoho patent, JP-S5155700-A: Nefudainjitoritsukeki patent, JP-S5156957-A: Chokuryuyodenjikoirunoseizohoho patent, JP-S5157980-A: Metaruharaidoranpu patent, JP-S5159218-A: Akujishonhoshiki patent, JP-S5159548-A: Sukii oyobi sutotsukunokyarya patent, JP-S5160586-A: Kogatabonbeno gasumorekenshutsuyoikakenteionikideno naiatsuteikagenshoho patent, JP-S5160745-A: Shijono kirikaemakitorisochi patent, JP-S5161333-A: Ensokirokusochi patent, JP-S5161455-A: Sutatsudoyosetsuju patent, JP-S5162198-A: Ni rokuzokukagobutsusono seizohoho patent, JP-S516314-A: Jibankairyochunyuyoyakueki patent, JP-S5163236-A: Dochiunikangekio atahetekyuhikyusuitsukiookonau saibaiho patent, JP-S5163272-A: patent, JP-S516390-A: Ryutaino ryuryoseigyosochito yakuekiochunyusurutamenosochi patent, JP-S5164703-A: Dokosharyono jidosokoseigyosochi patent, JP-S5165459-A: Netsukokankyochuubuto sonoseizohoho patent, JP-S516581-A: Shuhasuitsuchikenshutsusochi patent, JP-S5166281-A: patent, JP-S5166861-A: Jikitansano enzanhoho patent, JP-S5166954-A: Seiatsujikuke patent, JP-S5167727-A: patent, JP-S5170612-A: Jikikirokusaiseisochi patent, JP-S517307-A: Nainenkikanno nenryokyokyusochi patent, JP-S5173426-A: Hetsudookurisochi patent, JP-S5173707-A: Kisonosetsuchihoho patent, JP-S5173831-A: Tanmatsuhyojisochi patent, JP-S5173861-A: Kahenshuhasufuiruta patent, JP-S5174017-A: Roorukootaa oyobi seikeiberutokikoomochiitasetsukofukugobanno renzokuseizoho patent, JP-S5174464-A: Ganyusuino yusuibunrihoho patent, JP-S5174611-A: patent, JP-S5175193-A: patent, JP-S5175256-A: Reizoko patent, JP-S517626-A: Sadosochi patent, JP-S5176427-A: Satsuchuzai oyobi sonoseiho patent, JP-S5176911-A: patent, JP-S5177285-A: Choonpanyoru hisokuteibutsuno sunho oyobi heikinondono sokuteihoho patent, JP-S5178595-A: Uwagawasokudonoanteikasareta dokishikishinzopeesumeeka patent, JP-S5179352-A: Momakusatsueiyosentakuzobairitsukogakukei patent, JP-S5179642-A: Obijokobanno katamenrenzokudenkimetsukihoho oyobi sochi patent, JP-S518147-A: Yosetsuhoho patent, JP-S5182275-A: Suteroidoruinoseizoho patent, JP-S518241-A: 55 suruhoisofutarusanruino bunshuhoho patent, JP-S5182778-A: patent, JP-S5182953-A: Haiguriisunoshorihoho patent, JP-S5183451-A: Antenayokyobannoseizohoho patent, JP-S5183861-A: Atsuenkino itaatsuseigyosochi patent, JP-S5184077-A: Saamarupurotekuta patent, JP-S5184610-A: Jikihetsudoichigimesochi patent, JP-S5184742-A: Omoiyokinokeitosochi patent, JP-S5185195-A: Gyosenaruihajariunpansentoniokeru shirindanoreikyakuhoho patent, JP-S5187108-A: Kyokubutekinizairyotokuseiokotonisurukosakuzairyonoseizohoho patent, JP-S518738-A: Hedorosaishuhetsudono suikomikansochi patent, JP-S5188014-A: patent, JP-S5188226-A: patent, JP-S5189219-A: patent, JP-S5189526-A: Sementooyobi ryusannoseisannotamenogenryofunno seizohoho patent, JP-S5189662-A: Gomino choryuhotsupaa patent, JP-S5190448-A: patent, JP-S5192032-A: patent, JP-S519236-A: Batsuteriodengentosuru inbaatasochi patent, JP-S5194053-A: patent, JP-S5194165-A: Hoonyotoreesukanno setsukeihoho patent, JP-S5194438-A: Denkaikondensayoaruminiumuhakuno seizohoho patent, JP-S519471-A: Zeroten ondo hosho kairo patent, JP-S5194931-A: patent, JP-S5196010-A: Dendokino seigyohoshiki patent, JP-S5196949-A: Kukiatsuryokushiki chokosokuofukundokiko patent, JP-S5197142-A: patent, JP-S5199570-A: Kaitensuhyojisochi patent, JP-S52100006-A: Rotary piston engine supplied with oil consumption quantity reducing construction patent, JP-S52100133-A: Thin battery patent, JP-S52100519-A: Method of baking raw materials for cement patent, JP-S52100595-A: Polymerization of olefin patent, JP-S52100680-A: Method of cutting in round slices of deformed natural stone or artificial stone patent, JP-S52100859-A: Filter patent, JP-S5210296-A: A process for preparing 6,2'-cyclo-5- substituted isocytidines patent, JP-S52103227-A: Turning in machine patent, JP-S52103458-A: Method of producing decorative molded article patent, JP-S521036-A: Antiphlogistic with extremely low reaction to digestive canals patent, JP-S52104206-A: Reel drive motor control circuit in tape recorder patent, JP-S52104363-A: Electric cleaner patent, JP-S52104722-A: Rolled core thickness detector patent, JP-S52105174-A: Dibenzopyran-6-acetic acids and their preparation patent, JP-S52105789-A: Complex semiconductor laser element patent, JP-S52105909-A: Separation and recovery of waste lithium-soap-base grease patent, JP-S52106071-A: Disk brake automatic spacing adjuster patent, JP-S52106073-A: Adjusting device for cross sectional area of actuating fluid port in fluidic power brake patent, JP-S52108943-A: Alkyl phenyl ketone derivative patent, JP-S5210933-A: Solar heat electric device patent, JP-S52109732-A: Assembly fence patent, JP-S52111444-A: Method of welding speed control patent, JP-S52111660-A: Method of producing multilayer printed circuit board internal layer circuit pattern patent, JP-S52113764-A: Apparatus for testing quality of rice patent, JP-S52113892-A: Old paper feed quantity automatic controller for old paper packing apparatus patent, JP-S52114060-A: Microcapsulation of royal jelly patent, JP-S52114420-A: Method which can improve the pickling efficiency of scale in heat trea tment of carbon steel patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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