Controlling means is cut to shaping of catalyst production line shaping idiosome



The utility model discloses a controlling means is cut to shaping of catalyst production line shaping idiosome, it includes the frame, cuts apart the first cylinder of steel wire and slope setting, cuts apart the steel wire setting and is in the piston rod top of first cylinder, being provided with in the frame and being used for cutting apart the passageway of cutting that passes through about the steel wire, first cylinder is connected with the second cylinder of horizontal setting, lieing in in the frame and cutting passageway right side position department and be provided with first sensor and second sensor, the second sensor lies in the right side of first sensor, the first sensor electricity is connected with a time relay, second sensor electricity is connected with the 2nd time relay, first sensor and second sensor electricity are connected with the PLC controller, the PLC controller with first cylinder and second cylinder electricity are connected. The utility model discloses the catalyst idiosome length that the messenger is cut apart out is even, and the too much problem of leftover bits has obtained effective solution.




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